Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I don't know how many of you will be able to view these photos, but here are my photos, as many as I could take in the midst of all my other scrambling around duties...I'm sure some folks got left out. Not intentionally, though!

Feel free to share, download, print, sell, etc. I relinquish my rights to them!



Friday, September 5, 2014

Pre-Race Details and Info

Hi Everyone! Hope you're looking forward to the Beach City Bruiser Trail Invitational as much as we here at SkinnyLegg Racing are! Here are some details to keep in mind for race morning:

  • Legg Farm is located at 10645 Amway Street just outside of Beach City, Ohio.
  • Registration will be closing this evening at 8:00pm. Walk-ins on race day are probably clear to race, but try to get there early so we can get your information logged in
  • Check-in will open at 8:00am, and will run until 10:00am
  • Race Time is 11:00am, for BOTH the 10k and 20k races - they will start at the same gun
  • At least 2 PortaJohns will be on hand - please use your manners
  • Each runner will be given a pre-assigned bib number at check-in. The bib must be visible so that we can record your 10k finish/split and 20k finish time
  • You will select your race (10k or 20k) at check-in
  • Each runner must be at least 18 years old, and must sign a waiver at check-in
  • As you approach the finish line after your first loop, you will see one path leading to the finish and another path to the left, directing you up the hill for the second loop for the 20k. If you signed up for one race but decide to switch, your decision is FINAL once you either cross the 10k finish or begin the second loop for the 20k
  • Awards are as follows:
    • 10k Overall Male/Female (removed from Age Group competition)
    • 10k 2nd Place Male/Female (removed from Age Group competition)
    • 10k Age 18-39 Male/Female Winner
    • 10k Age 40-49 Male/Female Winner
    • 10k Age 50-59 Male/Female Winner
    • 10k Age 60-69 Male/Female Winner
    • 10k 70+ Male/Female Winner
    • 20k Overall Male/Female (removed from Age Group competition)
    • 20k 2nd Place Male/Female (removed from Age Group competition)
    • 20k Age 18-39 Male/Female Winner
    • 20k Age 40-49 Male/Female Winner
    • 20k Age 50-59 Male/Female Winner
    • 20k Age 60-69 Male/Female Winner
    • 20k 70+ Male/Female Winner
    • Age Graded Male Performance of the Day
    • Age Graded Female Performance of the Day
  • The awards for the 10k race will be given as soon as practically possible after the 10k race
  • The awards for the 20k race will begin at approximately 2:15pm
  • The Age Graded Performances of the Day will be awarded at the conclusion of all races; if you are not present, SkinnyLegg Racing will contact you to help you get your award, and recognize you on this website and social media
  • 20k runners who exceed 3 hours may miss the awards presentation for the 20k race
  • The Race Directors have the right to remove or disqualify any runners who exhibit health issues, present time concerns, cheat, or disrespect the property
  • All runners, by participating in the race, give their permission for SkinnyLegg Racing and its directors and members to use their images before, during, and after the race on this website and other forms of social media. SkinnyLegg Racing promises to respect the runners' privacy and will not use photos that are unnecessarily embarrassing, revealing, or disrespectful in any way
The following waiver must be signed at check-in. You may print it off and fill it out ahead of time if you wish. We can't wait to see everyone - let's have some fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014 Update

The course for the Beach City Bruiser, as you probably already know, is on private property, at Ron Legg's place in Beach City. Those of you who have run the course know just how unique and fun of a race course it is, and to have (insert our hopeful big number here) people racing on it is going to be really special.

With that in mind, it would do us race organizers A WORLD OF GOOD if you would kindly reply to the email we sent you about the race a couple of weeks ago, to let us know if you're coming. We'd LOVE to have 100-200 folks come out that morning. And we're getting there, but we're not quite where we hope to be by race day. So, hit that REGISTER NOW link on your email, or send an email to Jason Burgett at skinnyleggracing@gmail.com and we'll customize a new invitation for you to respond to as soon as you get it.

Here are some clarifying details:

1) Awards: Male and Female Overall, then, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69. and 70+ for the main Male/Female categories. We'll also award a Male and Female Age-Graded Performance of the Day. You read that correctly - we've added the 70+ Age Group since our last posting.

2) The award categories will apply to both the 10k and 20k races. We're looking at giving away as many cool, handmade awards as possible, and with that in mind, Ron has been working away tirelessly in his workshop.

3) Race Choice: you will tell us whether you're signing up for the 10k or 20k when you check in that morning. And even in the middle of the race, if you change your mind at the 10k point, just let us know that you're going after the 20k title instead, and our timekeepers will keep track of that. You read that right - we will have REAL TIMERS, and REAL RESULTS!

4) Course Measurement: Jim Wilhelm, a USATF Course Measurer and Certifier, has measured Ron's course and, although we're not seeking USATF Certification, can assure you that you will be competing on a true 10 kilometer course. I believe he's planning on running in the race, too, so look out!

5) Afterwards: you're welcome to stick around and tour the course more slowly, snack, or share some drinks with your competitors. Beer is not being provided, but you're welcome to bring your own. Please remember that you're a guest at Ron's private residence, however.

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS! We're excited to host something special to celebrate running and especially trail running in northeast Ohio. This may be the only time you get to run this course for FREE!

Thanks, everyone.

Jason Burgett

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Race Update for August 5, 2014

Welcome to the Starting Line of the first Beach City Bruiser, hosted by SkinnyLegg Racing! Ok, ok, we'll admit it. SkinnyLegg Racing is really Ron Legg, Jason Burgett, and Matt Sidel, and all we really want to do is offer a fun and FREE event to a couple hundred of NE Ohio's best (or at least most interested!) trail runners!

In my emails to many of you, I've described the course as a runner's playground, or a runner's roller coaster. I stand by that description.

However, you should know that it's also a course that is both really challenging and really fun to run. You won't be scrambling over rocks, or jumping crevasses, or reaching for tree limbs to hoist you up. Rather, you'll find yourself running like a happy child, only more deftly, through single track pine woods, close-cropped pasture grass, and wide open forest paths that span 6 - 8 feet in width. Plenty of room to hit the accelerator and manage fast and safe descents.

On race day, there will be parking (we've estimated we've got room for about 75-100 cars, but we encourage car-pooling) at the entrance to the farm. Then you'll make your way to the Check-In location which you'll see as you approach the Start/Finish Area. There, we'll have some helpful folks take down your name, age, gender, and race choice (10k or 20k), ask you to kindly fill out a waiver promising not to sue us, and get you a bib.

We've got folks coming in to time the event for us, so we'll have a pretty nice professionally-managed finish line. Ron ("Chief Skinny Legg") Legg will be the Honorary Starter.

We'll have some refreshments at the end, but it looks like we might not have the budget for a full-scale picnic style luncheon, so you'd better bring some of your own food, too!

We're going to have more awards information coming soon, but Ron has been working hard to create unique, local awards for Overall Male and Female Winners, Age Graded Male and Female Performances of the Day, and Age Group winners for both races.

Get ready to Run Like a Local, and please let us know if we can answer any questions for you! We hope to put a register link on this website, but for now, please use the Register Now link on the email you received from us. If you need help, just email Jason Burgett at skinnyleggracing@gmail.com and I'll try to help as best as I can.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the 2014 Beach City Bruiser

1) What is it? The Beach City Bruiser is an invitation - only trail race celebration held at Ron Legg's farm in Beach City, Ohio, on September 7, 2014. It features a hand-measured 10k course that can be run once for a 10k distance or twice for a 20k distance. The race is FREE, and runners can choose their distance on race day.

2) Where is it? The race is being held at Ron Legg's farm, 10645 Amway Street, Beach City, Ohio, 44608. The gun goes off at 11:00 a.m., and the awards begin at 2:15 p.m. or so.

3) Who can run? For this race, we have to insist on ALL RUNNERS being at least 18 years of age or older, and competent to sign a release of liability. Furthermore, we have to insist on a NO DOGS policy on the property. The race is being held on private property and we have made assurances to our insurer concerning these details. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If these restrictions are violated, the race directors reserve the right to REMOVE the person(s) and animal(s) from the property.

4) What awards are you offering? Corrected version: We are offering the following awards for both the 10k and 20k races: Male & Female for ALL CATEGORIES: Open 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+. We'll give unique awards to the overall male and female winner (who will then be removed from the corresponding age group. We're also going to offer a male and female "Performance of the Day" award for the top age-graded race. Ron has been hard at work making customized awards unique to this race for you to compete for.

4) Why is it free? This race is an introduction to the course at Ron Legg's farm, and we're hoping to make it a celebration of running, and specifically trail racing, in NE Ohio. We're inviting some of the best runners in the area and we hope you'll join us. We'd also love to hear your comments about the course, and begin preparations for more events in 2015.

5) How do I sign up? Simply register through the Constant Contact email ASAP or email us directly at skinnyleggracing@gmail.com and we'll reserve a spot for you. Only 200 spots are available at this point, so snag one soon!

6) Is the course USATF Certified? At this point, the course is not USATF Certified, but it is Ron Legg Certified, which in our mind is just as good. Ron has wheel-measured the course multiple times and his assurances are strong that the 10k loop and 20k distance are accurate. That does not mean your Garmin will work very well out there, given the tight turns, density of the trees, and so forth.

7) Finally, who are Skinny Legg Racing? Currently, Skinny Legg Racing is an odd consortium of Ron Legg ("Chief Skinny Legg"), Jason Burgett ("Little Skinny Legg"), and Matt Sidel ("Kinda Skinny Legg"). Ron owns the property on which you'll race, Jason and Matt are the race directors, although no one has seen Matt Sidel in weeks, so if you know of his whereabouts, please clue us in.

Please email us with questions! skinnyleggracing@gmail.com

Stay tuned for more race information!